A Guide to Field Marketing

Alli Rubach

Group Manager Field Marketing - Corporate Programs at Hashi

Kim-Mai Underwood

Sr, Field Marketing Manager at PagerDuty

Learning Objectives

As a field marketer, you serve as the chief liaison and advocate of field sales, acting as a conduit to the marketing organization, and as a result, are primarily responsible for the development of opportunities and acceleration of pipeline to closure. While field marketing strategies may vary between companies, there are a number of common challenges that all field marketers face. From the constant balancing act between sales demands and marketing strategies, to managing limited bandwidth and budgets, there’s no shortage of obstacles that stand in the way of you hitting your pipeline goal. And yet, many field marketers have found success through thoughtful innovation — especially over the last year and a half.

Key Takeaways:

  • How the role of field marketers has evolved and what it looks like today

  • Tactics to overcome the biggest obstacles that field marketers face through the ongoing pandemic

  • Game-changing solutions to help you execute successful field marketing strategies and meet or exceed your pipeline goals