A Strong Corporate Immune System: What the data shows

Tom Stewart

Executive Director at National Center for the Middle Market

Learning Objectives

New research from the National Center for the Middle Market at Ohio State, the nation's leading resource for mid-sized companies, has identified half a dozen capabilities associated with much-reduced impact from the business effects of Covid and much more robust forecasts for future growth. The capabilities were derived from NCMM's landmark 20,000 company study, "The DNA of Middle Market Growth," and tested against the pandemic performance of 1,000 middle-market companies. These capabilities are like elements of a strong immune system. By investing in them, you can accelerate recovery and protect your company against future shocks.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are key capabilities that protect against shock--and enable faster recovery

  • CFOs' role in ensuring access to capital and a strong planning function is critical for resiliency

  • CFOs need stronger partnerships with marketing and talent to restart growth