A TP^3 Framework to Manage Manufacturing Recovery

Ananth Iyer

Research & Development at Purdue University

Steve Dunlop

Managing Director of DCMME & GSCMI at Purdue University

Roy Vasher

Assistant Professor Purdue EMBA Program at Purdue University

Dr. Angus McLeod

Director at Purdue University

Learning Objectives

Managing manufacturing through the pandemic will require a holistic framework - one that considers people, process, product and the role of technology. Technology today is scalable, reconfigurable and decentralized, and its economics have changed as companies focus on infection control, but also need integration with people and products required by the supply chain. We present ideas that firms can use to think through ideas and tactics to succeed after the pandemic.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consider technologies to remain efficient and productive while managing infection control

  • Involve people to help you innovate to succeed after the pandemic