A Whole New World: Tackling Security Threats When Everyone Goes Remote

David Levine

Vice President Corporate and Information Security, CSO CISM at RICOH USA, Inc.

Learning Objectives

If we’ve learned anything in the past year, it’s that the term “insider threat” brings on new meaning when employees go remote. And even though the vast majority of these threats are unintentional, and a result of lack of due diligence versus malice, they are threats none the less and must be addressed. How do we address, educate and plan to expect the unexpected in our employees’ home workplace environments? In this session I’ll answer this fundamental question.

Key Takeaways:

  • Considerations for all connected at home devices, from desktop printers to listening devices like Alexa and how to protect against related threats

  • Educating employees on the differences between at home and corporate networks and what they need to do, on a regular basis, to ensure connections are secure

  • Tips for ensuring employees are accountable and following security protocols. I’ll also share tips from rolling out remote work for Ricoh USA, Inc. employees along with considerations for managing hybrid and agile workplaces where some employees remain remote and others are in the office