Adapt or Die. How Your Database Infrastructure Is Getting Impacted by Trends in Cloud, Security, and Modern Development

Matt Yonkovit

CXO - Chief Experience Officer at Percona

Learning Objectives

Ask many in your technical teams and they will tell you databases are boring, old, expensive, and dated. But they are the holder of the most critical asset available in modern IT. The database ecosystem has and is still undergoing a massive transformation. The rise of DBaaS, Cloud-Native Applications, Hackers looking to grab databases, and developer-driven technology choices are all making the future of the database space less certain. We will uncover what these trends are and how people are dealing with them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Building a multi-cloud, multi-database automation platform for your data infrastructure is critical

  • You need to be building product teams to build database automation tools and service internal customers

  • Your database environment will be complex, large, and your teams will need to manage large farms of DB's