Addressing the Challenges of Tomorrow With Improved Supply Chain Performance and Resiliency

John Barcus

Group Vice President, Manufacturing Industry Solutions at Oracle at Oracle

Learning Objectives

The challenges of the last few years have been enormous. From changing regulations, increased protectionism, new technologies, changing business models, and now a world-wide pandemic, companies have had to react quickly in order to survive. Going into the future, companies need to be better prepared for even more changes. New technologies are progressing at a dizzying pace, there seems to be no end to the regional challenges in front of us, and new business models are continuing to evolve. It is critical to not only survive, but to flourish in this new environment. To do so, companies must focus on becoming more resilient so that they can improve their performance regardless of the circumstances. Come to this session to hear how you can adapt and better prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.