Advancing Market Segmentation During and Post COVID-19 Pandemic World

Sayeed Sanaullah

First VP of Corporate Strategy & Strategic Planning at Wells Fargo Bank N.A.

Learning Objectives

The COVID-19 pandemic impact has been one of the most interesting social, economic, and consumption experiments happening in real time with billions of people overnight changing pretty much everything about their habits. It has already impacted customer behaviors significantly through at least the near-term future. In normal times, customer experience is about making customers happy—with the result that they are more loyal, use products more, and cost less to serve. In the context of COVID-19, superior customer experience means clarity and transparency, support for digital tools with which many customers are still unfamiliar, and providing new products and services for customers in distress. This session will enable delegates to purposefully attract, meaningfully retain, and thoughtfully serve customers by advancing market segmentation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify strategic decisions that would benefit from information about different customer segments

  • Determine which customers drive profits

  • Analyze actual and potential purchasing behavior periodically