Agile Product Development

Stephanie Potisek

Senior R & D Manager at Dow Chemical

Learning Objectives

Agility is necessary to be successful in R&D product development. We can learn this from taking a look at case studies of successful companies over time and how they’ve remained relevant as society changes. Agility, however, is usually associated with a small size, so how does a large company remain agile? Dow Inc. has successfully delivered new innovations in short times as demonstrated by its response to the pandemic with the development of PPE for the medical industry. In addition to examining the critical elements which made that possible, I will discuss my experience on leading the team through changing times and discuss 7 key components I found critical for agile product development.

Key Takeaways

  • Agility is critical for success

  • There are seven keys to agility: monitor loading trends, collaborate with a cross-functional team, empowerment, prioritization, robust pipeline, leadership and the right team