Application Development Models to Fit Your Company’s Needs

Learning Objectives

Software Development can save huge cost and poor development can cost you for years. Based upon 30 years of application development experience amongst a half dozen firms in varying industries, this presentation shows which first hand experiences have proven to work (and not work). With projects ranging from small enhancements to $100 Million Digital Transformations, hear lessons on decades of working with internal and external software development projects to learn what could work for you. Most companies are not in the software business, but almost all use software in their line of work. Spending time and money on that software is core to the decision making process for all CIOs. Build versus buy decision making requires the mixture of business knowledge and tech savvy. This presentation will cover a variety of potential pitfalls along the way to successfully delivering for your internal or external customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Building software applications for companies where software is not their primary business

  • Pros and Cons of building applications with a variety of sources

  • How the current environment is impacting our development