Applying Edge Analytics: Auto Adaptive Process & Condition Monitoring

David Kober

Sr. Sales Engineer at iba America

Learning Objectives

With a successful data analytics strategy in regards to process and condition monitoring, maintenance and repair related information can be easily derived automatically and auto adapt to dynamic process conditions. The purpose of this discussion is to characterize a common-sense approach using strategic data analytics practices to leverage auto adaptive monitoring techniques by considering the changing process conditions that exist in manufacturing operations. Utilizing systems that exist on the edge, the technologies that are available in both the IT and OT realm can be leveraged efficiently with strategic coordination. The focus will center around practical manufacturing application examples.

Key Takeaways:

  • The ability of edge devices to perform analytics allows for automated data-driven decision making where low-latency feedback is required

  • These edge devices can also pass information northbound to a data center or to the cloud for advanced analytical processing

  • Specialty considerations include; Data Ownership, Knowledge Based Process Analytics, and Low Cost - Low Effort - IIoT Ready Devices