Applying Edge Computing to Distribution Automation: A Fault Restoration Example

James Stoupis

Manager for Digital Solutions, IP and Software Tools, US Corporate Research at ABB

Rostan Rodrigues

Senior Research Scientist, US Corporate Research Center at ABB

Learning Objectives

With the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies being observed in several industries, these low-cost, advanced devices are also taking root in the energy industry. Edge computing devices are one example of an IoT technology that enables advanced functionality by allowing for the deployment of applications on its platform in the form of software containers that can be implemented on different edge devices across the distribution system. In an ongoing project by ABB, this technology is being developed as a distributed computing platform for distribution automation applications to enable faster response to faults and events on the distribution grid. In this webinar, a high-level view of the technology is introduced, and the fault restoration application is illustrated as an example. The potential of this technology is also discussed with examples of future applications.