Applying Emerging Technologies to Realize Process Improvement

Mike Peckham

Executive Officer and acting CFO-Program Support Center at US Department of Health & Human Services

Learning Objectives

The application of AI is probably the hottest topic within the finance industry lately. With the increased risk of fraud and a greater demand for hyper-digitization due to the pandemic, fintech has exploded across several areas of opportunity. CFOs are now tasked with evaluating massive amounts of data, directing that data towards action, and making sure it's the right direction for the company's bottom line. Implementing the most appropriate model based on the needs of the user can be overwhelming. Today we have Michael Peckham, Executive Officer and acting CFO of the US Department of Health and Human Services to explore which AI model is appropriate for various courses of action.

  • Explore where blockchain is best utilized and the security it provides for various financial models

  • Learn how RPA has impacted the efficiency of financial tasks and to what degree of certainty it needs to be maintained

  • Analyze how NLP is used in modern-day financial forecasting with both areas of opportunity and challenges the user may face