Automation and the Future of Intelligent Manufacturing

Frank Lazowski

Vice President, Global Integrated Supply Chain at JR Automation Technologies, LLC

Learning Objectives

The Manufacturing & Distribution industries have a strong appetite for technology. Now that companies have experienced the game-changing benefits of automation and the emergence of interconnected and intelligent manufacturing & distribution systems, companies of all sizes are realigning their business and operational models to take advantage of new, disruptive technologies.

Companies have found that they can use technology to increase profits and efficiency, which is why 55% of the industry’s businesses globally have already transitioned to Industry 4.0 (Europe) and Smart Manufacturing (United States). However, the key to using technology successfully will be in a company’s ability to distinguish between what is new and what is useful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Which technologies are causing disruption and why are they altering business and operational models?

  • Why does the industry have such an appetite for digital transformation and where should companies focus their investments?

  • For companies who have leveraged technology to increase revenue and efficiency, how did they do it and what benefits did they experience?