Balancing the Tug of War: How CIOs and CISOs Can Partner for Better IT

Scott Howitt

CIO at McAfee

Learning Objectives

The rapid evolution of the digital world has driven great technology innovation as well as spawned growth in cyberthreats. In today’s IT environment both CIOs and CISOs are integral to an organization’s success. The CIO relies upon the CISO for advice, guidance, and risk evaluation while the CISO depends on the CIO for support and infrastructure resources. They must work together to empower every business department within the organization with a clear vision.

Information security is no longer an IT support issue, but a strategic business responsibility where both executives must share common goals for security and IT operations to be successful. In this session, McAfee CIO Scott Howitt will explore how CIOs and CISOs can work together to ensure the needs of the organization are securely me.