Be Great…Today!

Brandon Brazeel

Chief People Officer at Sherwood Companies

Learning Objectives

Do you ever think to yourself, “I could be great if, or I could do this, but I need to wait until …..?”

We all go through this from time-to-time. We think we are not an expert in this area, or we have not received a degree in this, or have never been in a role with that title before, so we put off being great until tomorrow. Then before you know it, tomorrow passes you by and nothing has changed. We tend to hide behind our comfort zone like researching something forever and then never taking any action so we will not fail or be embarrassed.

You can Be Great…Today! I will explain 5 key points to master so you can start making a difference and impact today and not tomorrow.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mindset

  • Solutions

  • Actions

  • Daily Goals

  • Impact

“Always look for solutions and move forward. Do things to make a positive impact not only on you, but also for everyone around you. Do something. Even if it is a small action; do it. You can’t fear action because inaction is an action in itself; you can’t avoid it. Instead, embrace it and make it yours.” –Brandon Brazeel