Become a Supply Chain Futurist: Make Supply Chain Your Organization’s Competitive Weapon

Nick Little

Director, Railroad Education at Michigan State University

Learning Objectives

COVID issues have raised supply chain to the popular press, and elevated it to the CEO and investors' level. Your supply chain must become a strategic and competitive differentiator in the market now governed by end consumers' experiences. Managing multi-level supply chains is not easy. Different capabilities will be required from the traditional operationally-focused single company supply chain departmental functions. How can you demonstrate value-add for the consumer? How can you influence their experience to be positive, memorable and unique? This short presentation will address some of the possible solutions to this challenge.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to align multiple supply chain tiers around your mission, values and strategic direction

  • What you have to think about and how to raise your profile within your organization

  • Why technology, data and blockchain are just a part of the solution