Behavioral Economics: Understanding What Actually Motivates Your Workforce

Jordan Birnbaum

Vice President, Chief Behavioral Economist at ADP

Learning Objectives

Understanding Behavioral Economics (BE) can help leaders navigate talent management and engagement with a new lens. This session offers an introduction to the field of BE by providing insights into quirks and unconscious patterns of human behavior. We'll consider the "why" behind BE, specifically the limitations of the human brain. Concepts like bounded rationality, cognitive load and ego depletion help us begin to see how to build a bridge from powerful ideas to powerful applications. This session will also examine what BE can mean for leaders, managers and HR practitioners. Join us as we explore employee motivation and engagement from a behavioral lens.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why behavioral economics is becoming an increasingly valuable area of expertise for diverse types of organizations

  • What behavioral economics can tell us about talent activation

  • What contributes to and detracts from motivation and employee engagement