Beyond DAST – A DAST First Tool with IAST Depth

Jonathan Davis

Sales Engineer at Netsparker

Learning Objectives

Netsparker has, and always will be a DAST-first solution. We strongly believe that the versatility of modern dynamic tools bring advantages that extend far beyond the typical vulnerability scanning functionality. The inclusion of DAST induced IAST functionality in Netsparker provides the best of both worlds by maintaining the advantages of a DAST solution while gaining the ability to go deeper than ever before to identify and verify more vulnerabilities with access to the application code.In this presentation, you will learn how Netsparker helps your organization automate and scale web application security with the added benefit of IAST scanning capabilities in order for your team to reach the depths of your application security.

Key Takeaways:

  • Benefits of starting any web application scanning solution with a DAST foundation

  • Benefits of DAST-induced IAST

  • Popular ways to Implement IAST