Big Crisis, Little Crisis: Moving a 145-Year Old University Online in a Week

Bill Balint

CIO at Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Learning Objectives

Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IU) is among the few thousand traditional higher education institutions that had their historic face-to-face student experience shattered (at least temporarily) virtually overnight beginning in March, 2020.

More than 1,500 course sections at IUP, the vast majority taught by faculty with no experience teaching fully online, had to be migrated in the middle of a semester over about a 10-day period. All of this is occurring in heart of a highly disrupted industry trying to survive.

This webinar will describe the onset of the crisis and the monumental immediate challenges it presented, the critical decisions that resulted and the valuable lessons learned that could have value to IT leaders from any industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • A description of the incredible set of challenges Covid-19 created for IT leaders at a traditional higher education institution

  • The critical set of IT decisions that resulted from those challenges

  • Lessons learned that could apply to IT leaders in other industries.