Brand-led Innovation: How COVID-19 Inspired a New Product & an Evolved Brand

Maria Dillion Kemp

Head of Marketing at Convene

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Marketing and brand leaders are often the creative minds within a company during non-crisis times and the first to respond when a crisis strikes. When it comes to company innovation, though, marketing and brand have a critical role to play in leading a company’s evolution. In this presentation, Maria Dillon Kemp, the head of marketing for Convene, which is a premium work experience company with 25+ meetings, events, and office locations across the U.S., will discuss how the company innovated out of the COVID-19 crisis. She’ll review how the company created a new product in three months, unveil the process of building a new brand architecture during that time, and explain how marketing & brand can play a lead role in company innovation while strengthening commercial strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to manage a crisis and find opportunities to innovate in challenging moments

  • How marketers and brand leaders can work with product teams to help the company innovate and stay aligned with its vision and mission

  • The impact of brand-led innovation on commercial strategy and the real-life application of this in an organization

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