Building and Executing a High Performing Culture

Kyle Jensen

Director, Supply Chain at Appvion Operations

Learning Objectives

The Journey - background and experience in building teams and cultures from scratch and re-building with established
pieces. The Recipe - my personal view and collection of the proper ingredients needed to build and sustain high performing cultures in Supply Chain. The Execution - key attributes, decisions, and milestones while building a high performing culture (People, Process, Technology) 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Clearly defining what winning looks like and what a high perfomring culture looks like - need to be able to display "winning" or "losing" to the team 
  • What elements of your culture are negotiable across the team, which ones are non-negotiable and why? - set the foundation 
  • Tough decisions - need to be determined to trust the process and ensure you're ready to make tough decisions along the way