Building Teams for Speed: 6 Strategies for HR Leaders to Reduce Time to Proficiency of Employees

Dr. Raman K. Attri

Sr. Global Technical Training & Learning Manager at KLA-Tencor

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This talk will provide you with powerful insights on ramping up workforce rapidly based on lessons learned from extensive research with 85 world leaders from 42 industries and 20 business sectors in 7 countries. This talk will equip you with powerful leadership strategies used by 70 world-class organizations to build team proficiency at the speed of business. You will learn time-tested strategies to design, develop and implement speed-enabling ecosystems and highly accountable managers to focus on speed to proficiency. You will walk out with a new leadership style to rethink your workforce time to proficiency of employees/teams and how you engage people managers across the organizations to change the culture, develop and accelerate their team towards a shorter time to proficiency.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the value of reducing time to proficiency of teams

  • What does it take to change roles of managers and ecosystems in speeding up team performance

  • Six strategies on how to design and set up speed-enabling ecosystems

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