Building Transformed Marketing Teams

Lynn Teo

VP of Global Marketing & Customer Experience at Wolters Kluwer

Learning Objectives

Please join the VP of Global Marketing & Customer Experience for Wolters Kluwer as she discuss transforming your Marketing teams & where to focus team rebuilding efforts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tell me about yourself and your professional background. How did you find your way into Marketing as a profession?

  • Why is Marketing a discipline that's in need of transformation? What are the business reasons behind it?

  • Which areas of Marketing are prime candidates for change? Why?

  • Could you share some anecdotes or stories about your experience building "new school" marketing teams? How have they contributed to organizations in a positive way? How do you measure success?

  • Which areas of traditional marketing continue to be relevant as we evolve the discipline?

  • For mid-career marketers, what is the path to becoming a CMO or Head of Marketing? What skills are best aligned to career growth and what initiatives should he/she look to lead?