Business Development and Optimizing the Customer Experience

Dr. Marlene Kolodziej, DBA, ITIL

Vice President, Centralized Services at RICOH USA, Inc.

Learning Objectives

Business development stems from customer loyalty. In order to create programs that are tailored to existing workflows, including efficient call center processes, companies must design to scale and continually adapt to develop new and better ways of exceeding customer expectations for service and support. In this session, Dr. Marlene Kolodziej will discuss how programs based on effective existing processes cost up to 50% less than acquiring and implementing new third-party systems. Through Dr. Kolodziej’s creation of the Centralized Services division at Ricoh USA, she has worked to implement a cloud-hosted automated call distribution system, a web-form routing program and virtual queue callbacks to assess customer needs and establish a unified approach to address challenges and meet goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Implementing customer service improvements can complement existing processes already in place

  • Attendees will hear specific examples on improving customer response, and thereby strengthening customer loyalty

  • Growing a business relies on customer loyalty and tailoring your workflows to your customers’ needs is the best way to keep costs down while increasing productivity