Connecting with Audiences on Non-Ad Supported Platforms

David Anderson

Co-Head of Marketing at United Talent Agency

Julian Jacobs

Co-Head of Marketing at United Talent Agency

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The combination of major media companies choosing to launch new streaming platforms that do not accept advertising, combined with the acceleration of a shift away from traditional broadcast and cable TV during COVID-19, has left marketers with fewer and fewer opportunities to connect with audiences. This reality is so stark that major advertisers have officially declared they will no longer participate in any sort of upfront process. Brands and their media agencies are ill equipped to navigate this new world lacking the relationships, experience and expertise of collaborating with streaming platforms and their prolific creators. In this session, we'll discuss the state of this challenge and share a roadmap to the opportunity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consumers are increasingly consuming content on non-ad supported platforms, if brands don't figure out how to connect there, they will lose them

  • Traditional agency ecosystems cannot and will not be relevant in this new world

  • This new opportunity is massive and allows for brand marketers to completely re-imagine how they connect with audiences

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