Continuous Planning – The End of Annual Budgets

Randy Brown

Director of FP&A at Nature’s Sunshine Products

Learning Objectives

As companies become more agile they need better plans and forecasts to adapt to the changing times. Yet traditional finance lags this area, dragging companies through the mud of annual budgeting only to have those budgets made irrelevant by the changing environment soon after final approvals, or even before approvals are completed!

There’s a better way! Introducing Continuous Planning, a more adaptable way to forecast, plan, and manage business resources. Centered around quick reporting cycles, enhanced communication, and investment-minded thinking continuous planning enables business to take advantage of new trends (good or bad) quickly rather than waiting for the next round of annual budget wars.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to build a continuous planning process to “break free” from the endless cycle of annual budgets

  • Understand the benefits and risks of a continuous planning process

  • Learn actionable tips to incorporate continuous planning into annual budgeting for businesses unable (or unwilling) to adopt a new way of thinking