CPO Digital Cockpit

Michael Shin

Global Vice President of Procurement at FLIR Systems

Learning Objectives

The CPO Digital Cockpit: How Artificial Intelligent Machine Learning Super Dashboards will transform the CPO’s office into the CPO Digital Cockpit; Cockpit designed to boost you with super Awareness of the total global supply chain. It delivers daily instructions to problem-solve immediate issues you didn’t know existed and pro-actively step you through problem-solving future issues before it is too late. Cockpit is armed with computerized algorithms programmed by the most seasoned and elite global procurement professionals. Global Procurement Best Practices plugged into the Cockpit to guide you with solutions to achieve Excellence in Global Sourcing by Breaking the Spend Code and the Supply Chain Bottleneck. Are you facing Spend Categories and Supply Bottlenecks you can’t break?

Key Takeaways:

  • Clarity on how AI Artificial Intelligence will transform Global Sourcing & Supply Chain Management to the next level of unimaginable sophistication

  • Global Sourcing & Supply Chain Management will become easier to achieve excellent results through application of the CPO Digital Cockpit

  • You will see the future of what Strategic Sourcing looks like by 2026. Super exciting future