Creating a Better Today – Navigating DEI within The Entertainment Industry

Shanique Bonelli-Moore

Executive Director, Inclusion at United Talent Agency

Learning Objectives

Please join the Executive Director of Inclusion from United Talent Agency, Shanique Bonelli-Moore in this Executive Interview where she will discuss navigating diversity, equity & inclusion within the entertainment industry.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why is DEI work and leadership more important than ever in the entertainment industry?

  • How would you describe the past 6-8 months at UTA?

  • What progress have you made to become a more inclusive and well-represented company?

  • As a Black woman in this business, can you talk to us about your journey?

  • What obstacles have you encountered, what has gotten easier/more difficult?

  • We know that change often doesn’t happen overnight and with the great and timely importance of DEI work, what has been the most difficult part of leading the charge within your organization?

  • How do you ensure that the changes you are pursuing are lasting ones and not just of the moment?