Creating Excellent Customer Experiences with Data-Driven Personalization

Michelle Burschtin

Head of Product Management at Acoustic

Michael Trapani

Sr. Director of Product Management at Acoustic

Steve Perry

President at Pereion Solutions

Learning Objectives

Are you looking to take your personalization to the next level? Learn how to convert more customers by using actual customer behavior to personalize an experience – as it's happening. Take a deep dive on how understanding customer behavior can personalize your marketing campaigns – and help you convert more customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Identify each customer and build segments based on their real-time behaviors, interests, and context

  • Detect moments of struggle in each customer’s journey, and personalize content to improve their experience

  • Create audiences based on your customers’s multi-channel journeys to deliver the right content to each user at the right time

  • Leverage advanced reporting in Acoustic Analytics to develop insights and learn from your testing