Culture Creation: Building Customer Loyalty from the Inside Out

Kristin Guthrie

SVP of Customer Experience & Marketing at ICW Group

Learning Objectives

Prioritizing Cutomer Experience (CX) to strengthen brand image and loyalty requires a CX program that not only delivers great experiences, but also infuses a CX mindset into a company's corporate culture. In this session, attendees will learn to create an army of CX advocates at all levels of an organization that results in the long-term integration of CX practices. The session will highlight how an organization can identify their CX North Star and rally their teams to deliver programs that not only create value for the customer, but also ultimately lead to customer retention and profitable revenue growth.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 6 most fruitful steps to build a CX Army

  • Identify your CX North Star...the single best CX metric to predict revenue growth

  • How to turn value created for customers into value created for the business