Customer Experience Driving Unity Between Sales and Marketing

Tracy Robertson

VP Global Customer Experience & Marketing at Kimberly-Clark

Andy Clement

Chief Customer Officer at Kimberly Clark

Learning Objectives

Please join the VP of Global Customer Experience & Marketing, and the Chief Customer Officer for Kimberly-Clark Corporations as they discuss the importance of department unity when driving successful customer experiences.

Key Takeaways:

  • How do you define Customer Experience (CX) at KCP?

  • Why did you start the CX journey at your organization?

  • I think many of us would agree that, sometimes, there's been a divide between sales and marketing teams. Why do you think that is? How did you overcome this divide to develop a good, strategic relationship?

  • How have you seen customer behavior change during your time as a sales leader and why is experience more important now than ever?

  • Given that change in behavior, what is the future of sales? How will the sales professionals role change? What will you need from marketing in order to support those changes?

  • What is the future of marketing and what will you need from sales to be successful?

  • In your opinion, who should "own" CX in an organization?

  • What are some lesson's learned you both could share about your CX journey?

  • From your seat, what is one piece of advice you'd give a marketer?