Data Diabetes: How Organizations Misuse Data in Decision Making

Christopher Surdak

President at Quantiqs

Learning Objectives

Data Diabetes is the metaphor for how organizations struggle to effectively use data to create value, in the same way that diabetic organisms cannot effectively use sugar. On a daily basis I hear clients lament that they have too much data, not enough data, or the wrong data, often simultaneously. These organizations are suffering from Data Diabetes: They need data to thrive and create value, but they are unable to effectively put that data to use.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most organizations follow policies, processes and procedures that have changed little since 2000, but we now live in an entirely different world

  • Organizations use data to power three types of processes: Discover, Decide and Defend

  • Data Diabetes describes how organizations fail to use data effectively in one or more of these three processes