Data Gravity and the Journey to the Public Cloud

Mark Chamberlain

Vice President of Product Development at ADP

Learning Objectives

As businesses increasingly embrace cloud-native technology – they need to address critical issues about infrastructure, scalability and data management. Tech leaders need a comprehensive data migration strategy to complete a successful journey to the public cloud -- especially when experiencing data gravity. The phrase “data is the new currency” continues to ring true. How do you determine where data will live and how your teams will access it? ADP Vice President of Product Development Mark Chamberlain shares insights on the evolution to the public cloud and examines the role of data gravity in the process.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discuss best practices as businesses move customer-facing products from private clouds and data centers to the public cloud

  • Learn how a hybrid cloud approach and the data location needs to be part of your early decisions on strategy

  • Examine how the demand for cloud-native tech is affecting enterprise infrastructure and the technology needed to support the transition