Defining Culture to Drive Results

Elizabeth Higgins

Human Resources Business Partner II at M&T Bank

Learning Objectives

Explore and learn the importance of defining the Dominant Characteristics of your organization, which in turn will reveal a set of values that influences the culture. Participants will learn how to strategically partner with the business to facilitate the “discovery” process, how to identify trends, and then translate them into one descriptive word. With these Dominant Characteristics recognized and articulated, we will then discuss how to use them to maximize your recruiting efforts, lower turnover, increase engagement, retention, and diversity, ultimately having a positive impact on the bottom line.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to initiate and conduct conversations, and interpret observations, to identify and articulate Dominant Characteristics

  • How to apply Dominant Characteristics to the methodology for recruitment, onboarding, performance reviews, employee retention, and engagement

  • How integrating Dominant Characteristics into your selection strategies will lessen unconscious bias in recruitment and promotion selections, and therefore lead to greater diversity in the workplace