Deploying Capital Cycle Management in Healthcare

Patricia Hoch

Senior Director of Procurement at Deploying Capital Cycle Management in Healthcare

Learning Objectives

The End-to-End cycle of managing capital involves Planning, Procuring, Managing, and Disposing of Capital Assets. Often, these four processes are completed disparately and are without a data-driven approach or business process. Knowing and understanding what exists in your current capital inventory allows you to analyze, evaluate, and plan for what will be needed in the future. Supply Chains that have visibility can take a long term approach to sourcing capital that extracts maximum buying power for an organization. Physical tracking of assets creates real time information to manage inventory changes. A strong disposition strategy is crucial to ensure that the health system is getting the full value available on their assets externally, or properly disposing of those assets as needed.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to move from subjective to objective budgeting process for healthcare capital 

  • How to maximize value by deploying a long term sourcing strategy 

  • How to achieve long term visibility into the overall health of the asset fleet