Digital Transformation to Drive Transparency & Collaboration

Jeff Belden

VP, Finance & Accounting at Call One

Learning Objectives

Please join us in this executive interview with the VP of Finance and Accounting for CallOne, Jeff Belden, as we discuss some of the limitations the company faced when utilizing certain programs for financial modeling. Jeff will also discuss how cloud-based solutions help planning and reporting processes and how certain revenue planning models have been implemented to improve timely tasks and collaboration. Explore your own areas of opportunity after learning what Jeff has utilized to augment popular financial forecasting models and how his leadership style cultivated a new sense of ownership.  

  • Further explore the time-consuming challenges that exist when implementing new digital transformation practices 

  • Examine the feedback from Jeff's team regarding the new digital implementations and how they contributed to improving collaboration 

  • Take advantage of creating a better sense of ownership in regards to KPIs, forecasts, and revenue planning and observe how leadership reacted to the results