Diversity in Finance

Dhiraj Cherian

CFO at Panasonic Automotive

Learning Objectives

Dhiraj Cherian, CFO of Panasonic Automotive joins us with a wealth of knowledge and experience leading teams and forecasts with his superior record of deliverability in the face of performance and profitability challenges. He oversees the growth within the American automotive industry as well as driving business and innovation abroad. Join us in this executive interview as Dhiraj illustrates how diversity in global markets, as well as in your team, can navigate various social constructs and drive long-term goals and key alliances throughout your business.

  • Characterize your definition of diversity and its importance within your team to affect strategic partnerships and alliances

  • Recognize the challenges unique to your role and within the finance industry

  • Adopt strategic adaptabilities to manage an inclusive working environment

  • Reconcile intolerant behaviors and navigate through disruption while remaining sensitive to various diversities

  • Learn how to manage various cultural norms in global operations that will contribute to your bottom line