Driving Team Performance with Strategy and Employee Engagement

David Qu

Global Vice President at Joint Commission International

Learning Objectives

3 short but key subjects will be covered throughout this presentation. Firstly, understanding what a business strategy is. A clarification of strategy misconceptions and common pitfalls in the corporate strategic planning process. Next, learn critical lessons in executing business strategy. Relentless innovation is the only path to strategy execution. Lastly, learn how to communicate your strategy with your staff, using a language they can understand. Engage and motivate your staff so that they are excited and know how to contribute. Strategy, innovation and engagement are becoming the three critical pillars for an organization to grow and transform itself.

Key Themes:

  • Strategy is about what you do to deliver compelling values to your customers differently from your competition

  • Relentless innovation is the only path to strategy execution

  • Employee engagement and motivation is the engine that drives innovation