Electric Vehicles – Utility Cash Cow or Trojan Horse?

Gary Smith

Director of Programs at Sagewell, Inc

Phil Bisesi

Supervisor, Residential Energy Services at ElectriCities of NC

Learning Objectives

In order for electric utilities to evaluate the pros and cons of electric vehicles, a strategic approach to their potential impact on utility load shapes, marginal revenues, and distribution impact is necessary. ElectriCities of North Carolina is working with a consultant, Sagewell, to help its public power members evaluate both the short term and long term impact of electric vehicles. These strategic plans use Sagewell's broad experience evaluating smart meter data of residential accounts where customers own an electric vehicle. Where smart meter data is available, Sagewell uses algorithms to find accounts with electric vehicles and maps them, helpful for distribution analysis. The plans also detail EV availability within a 50 mile radius and the economic impact of EV penetration at varying rates. Presentation will be co-presented by Gary Smith, Director of Programs, Sagewell.

Key Takeaways:

  • Properly managed, electric vehicles can double the marginal revenue for a residential account

  • EV's add a diversified load equivalent to a 60 watt lightbulb, 1.0-1.5kW, to monthly system peaks

  • Revenue potential can be significantly impacted by wholesale power costs