Establishing Supply Chain Resilience with IBM

Ron Castro

Vice President IBM Supply Chain at IBM

Takshay Aggarwal

Global Supply Chain Leader at IBM

Learning Objectives

As much as supply chain professionals are aware of supply chain volatility introduced in market due to COVID-19 disruptions, the issues they face in delivering goods and services to customers without disruption are remarkably common across industries, and predate the COVID-19 pandemic: How do you segment your supply chain? How do you get the right inventory supply demand in the right location? How do you detect when there’s a sudden market shift and quickly change your plans?

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to manage agile response to SKU's with different sales velocity

  • Learn how to get the right amount of inventory that is in demand in the right location

  • Learn how to manage sudden changes in demand or supply, in production or in transportation