Everyday Leadership

Heidi Brooks

Senior Lecturer in Organizational Behavior at Yale University

Learning Objectives

In workplaces and beyond, it’s time to pay attention and take responsibility for our impact on each other. I call this everyday leadership. At face value, it’s simple: Everyday leadership is about being human well. We each and all have a quite bit to learn about what that looks like and how to enact it in a way that creates the kind of spaces and organizations we want to be part of. It is about the micro-moments of impact that make or break our lived experience together. Especially in workplaces where adults spend most waking hours, we have overlooked and misjudged how important it is for us to engage with empathy, emotional intelligence, kindness, and perspective-taking. We invest in what we believe will make a difference to outcomes but we underestimate the toll.

Key Takeaways:

  • Everyday leadership is not about position or authority - it’s about being human well & taking responsibility for your impact

  • We can look at individual and collective everyday leadership effectiveness. We can take responsibility for our individual and collective impact

  • By raising awareness, building collective accountability & practicing being human well, we can all create environments where humans thrive