Evolving Technologies and Strategies for the New Normal: Lessons Learned from 2020

Amanda Stone

Construction FP&A Software Specialist at Prophix Software

Bona Allen

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer at Kajima Building & Design Group

Learning Objectives

Bona Allen and Amanda Stone discuss strategies used to overcome the challenges of the 2020 pandemic and impacts felt by their people, businesses, and broader landscape. They reflect on successful strategies and their methods to staying agile and planning for the new normal. No one prepared for the pandemic. As 2019 ended, we anticipated a profitable 2020 and beyond. The impact of the pandemic was immediate and required nimble strategy, increased communication, and ability to pivot in order to combat the uncertainty. In this session, we reflect on lessons learned and discuss examples of strategies that resulted in success vs. failure. Specifically, looking at the need to adopt new technologies in order to fuel strategic decision-making, increase communication, and achieve agile planning.  

  • Continuous Planning: how to leverage lessons learned to improve decision-making for the short, medium, and long term 

  • Improve your business strategy by adopting digital tools and evolving technologies  

  • Understanding the "new normal" to maintain the agility and plan for unknowns