Exosome, the Next Small Thing: A Winning Strategy for Commercial Manufacturing

Behzad Mahdavi, Ph. D., MBA

Vice President Strategic Innovation & Alliances/ Chairman of the Board of Exosomics at Lonza

Learning Objectives

Successful development and commercialization of Exosomes-Based therapies require a scalable manufacturing platform in order to be able to meet market needs (QUANTITY) at acceptable COGS. This will ensure patient accessibility and deliver the desired ROI for therapy developers (COST). Furthermore and more importantly, the process must result in high quality material consisting of well-defined final exosome-based product (QUALITY). In this presentation, we cover these three important factors with a particular emphasis on characterization considered as a key critical element for successful development and commercialization.

Key Themes:

  • Strategy for manufacturing exosomes-based therapies

  • Importance of exosome characterization

  • How to build a successful integrated business case