Exploring Strategies to Developing a Smart Enterprise With a Customer Centric & Data Driven Culture

Johnny Ivanyi

Head of Distribution Excellence at Bayer Crop Science

Learning Objectives

Join us in an Executive Interview with Johnny Ivanyi, Head of Distribution Excellence at Bayer, as he discusses how to develop a smart enterprise with a customer centric and data driven culture.

Key Takeaways:

  • Logistics is a large component of generating business value, what areas of your logistics processes are most important to digitalize first and why?

  • What kind of importance do you place on customer culture, and in what ways can you transform to have a more customer centric approach?

  • In what ways can your business succeed in an environment where digitalization technology availability are not as prevalent?

  • Which steps of the digitalization transformation process contest you with the most challenges thus far, and how were they overcome?