Financial Training for Technical Managers

Stephen McAdams

Vice President, Treasurer at RMF Engineering

Learning Objectives

Helping managers who are technical in nature to better understand the financial and business side of their responsibilities can accelerate revenue growth, improve performance and expand opportunities for a company's next level of leadership. This webinar summarizes a case study of implementing a financial training program for emerging leaders that supported an engineering firm's increase in growth rate, enhanced their leadership transition and defined career paths for talented, technical employees. The presentation focuses on why the program was needed, how it was specifically designed and the associated results that occurred over an 8 year timeframe.

Key Takeaways:

  • Do not assume technical managers also have a passion or even understanding for the financial aspects of their position

  • Keep the financial data fundamental and focus managers on specific areas with the greatest results

  • Train the way they think about decisions using basic, universal rules