Financial Trends, Innovation and Digital Transformation

Hilla Sferruzza

EVP & CFO at Meritage Homes

Learning Objectives

Hilla Sferruzza joins us in this executive interview as the EVP & CFO of Meritage Homes-a large public homebuilder that operates across the US. When you break down how a single home or an entire subdivision is planned, everything has a price down to the nail. Obviously, this means there's a large amount of data input that formats the cost of each structure being built. In this executive interview, Hilla will break down how modern digital transformation in relation to a large amount of incoming data helps to manage routine operations and the challenges associated with the transition.

  • Recognize areas of opportunity and areas of resistance in modern data integration and digital transformation

  • Prioritize digital transformation initiatives with specific goals in mind

  • Distinguish where digital innovation will have the best impact in both front and back-office operations