Finding the Right Strategic Partner

Don McCree

Head of Commercial Banking at Citizens Bank

Learning Objectives

As business landscapes and financial requirements have become more and more complex in recent years, strategic partners can play an increasingly critical role for businesses of all sizes. This presentation will help CFOs understand the evolving role of financial institutions; outline what CFOs need to consider when evaluating strategic partners; and highlight the cutting-edge capabilities of financial institutions. This presentation will include examples relevant to CFOs for businesses of all sizes as well as insights based on what Citizens is hearing directly from its clients – CFOs of middle-market and mid-corporate businesses.

  • Understand the Role of Strategic Partners: How to effectively work with a strategic partner and how to build a partnership beyond just financing

  • Evaluate Strategic Partners: What to consider in evaluating a strategic partner; ensuring appropriate capabilities, services and scale

  • Explore the New Front Tier: How have strategic partners evolved in recent years to continue meeting the increasingly complex needs of businesses