Fostering Inclusivity in the Workplace

Aisha McClendon

Senior Director, Partnerships & Outreach at Moth + Flame

Learning Objectives

Businesses and large-scale organizations across the globe have a strong appetite for scalable solutions for training remote, distributed workforces. At the same time, companies are beginning to confront the areas in which they lack in DEI, and are searching for solutions, which include virtual reality, and strategies that can help them foster a more inclusive, equitable workplace. This session will cover strategic ways to plan for and create an inclusive environment, including how to cultivate a DEI strategy that encompasses the concerns of both employees and employers; how to evaluate and implement emerging HR solutions that efficiently serve an organization’s goals; and providing insights on ways in which diverse teams lead to better outputs and increased productivity.

Key Takeaways:

  • The basic tenets of a DEI strategy; how to effectively communicate your plan to employees and the ways that employee training can contribute to its success

  • How organizations/HR leaders cultivate effective strategies while simultaneously allowing space for creativity, innovation, and collaboration

  • How to secure commitment from employees/leadership to implement your strategies into their day-to-day