Future-Proofing Your Organization — and Your People — for the Next Disruption

Michael DePrisco

Chief Operating Officer at Project Management Institute

Learning Objectives

The pandemic forced businesses to quickly accelerate their digital transformation plans, resulting in a more focused conversation on the importance of technology adoption across organizations. A key learning is that change isn’t going to slow down, and the most resilient organizations are forward-looking rather than reactive. How can leaders use the lessons learned over the past two years to “future-proof” their organizations for the next disruption? In this presentation, Mike DePrisco at Project Management Institute (PMI), will explore the impact of accelerated digitization, the subsequent disruption to organizations and people, how companies are adapting amidst the competitive landscape, and next steps for organizational leadership.

Key Takeaways:

  • Technology adoption must be a focal point for all organizations, no matter their size, industry or sector

  • Future-proofing goes beyond technology adoption and extends into upskilling and reskilling, while enhancing power skills — collaboration, communication and critical thinking — to achieve organizational excellence

  • People are at the heart of your organization, so staying ahead of the competition also means taking care of your people