Generating Streams of Leads Through Social Media in B2B Sales

Joshua Siregar

Director of National Marketing at Dale Carnegie

Learning Objectives

If you think that Social Media marketing is for consumer selling, consider this: 49% of people globally are active social media users. The percentage will be higher in developed countries (e.g. 69% in North America, 62% in Northern Europe) and among younger people. So there are good chances that your prospects are on social media, as well. This presentation will show you how to find them through social media and turn them into a sales opportunity. I will layout the main strategy that can be used both at the organization and individual levels. I will also show how to integrate Sales and Marketing functions in your organization to leverage this strategy. Although I will not go into technical details, I will show some examples to help you learn practical ideas to apply to your situation.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to use social media and content marketing to generate streams of leads

  • How to integrate Sales and Marketing functions to turn leads into sales

  • How to personally use social media to sell yourself